ZHONGKE HSD-New Multi-channel Automatic Ultrasonic Flaw Detecting Module



Product Brief

HSD is a new generation of multi-channel instrument module (HSD-NEW), is a high-speed inspection requirements tailored with imported industrial grade CPU module, start faster, more stable operation, in addition to all functions of the old HSD, have greatly improved in the aspects of function and performance.

Range of application

Suitable for ultrasonic testing of all kinds of steel plates, bars, tubes, billets and composites etc.

Product Features

– The instrument parameters can meet the European Union standard (EN12668-1), and the factory inspection will be carried out by this standard, and the European certificate of inspection can also be provided.

– Repeat frequency up to 20KHz, 4 times higher than the older generation of equipment, applicable to seamless steel tubes, such as high-speed flaw detection.

– The instrument channels are strictly independent and each channel has its own independent timing control of emission and reception.

– The instrument can expand the number of channels conveniently according to the actual needs of users, such as satisfying higher detection standards or increasing detection efficiency when testing.

– Instrument adopts the network transmission, fully meet the TCP/IP protocol, using optical fiber transmission can realize the long distance separating arrangement of instruments and computer (distance can be up to several hundred meters or even kilometers grade), and can reduce the interference, but also to a large extent reduce the probe cable, provides convenience for better equipment maintenance.

– The instrument can be input directly to the 4 axis encoder, with 12 inputs and 10 outputs.

– Adopting Gigabit Ethernet transmission, the transmission rate is 10 times higher than that of the older generation.

– Full data transmission, record storage, high speed transmission on Gigabit Ethernet, equipped with high-performance industrial computer, can achieve full data recording storage.

– Emission impedance of 50 ohms and 1K 423, adapt to the different needs of the inspection.

– The receiving frequency band is adjustable, divided into four files: 0.5-4MHz, 2-8MHz, 5-10MH, 6-15MHz, suitable for different frequencies of probes, higher sensitivity of detection.

– Digital filtering can improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the instrument and make it easier to detect tiny defects.



Applicable Standard

– National standard (JB/T10061-1999) “General specification for A pulse reflection type ultrasonic flaw detector”

– National standard (JJG 746 -2004) “People’s Republic of China national metrological verification regulation — ultrasonic flaw detector”

– European standard (EN12668-1) “Nondestructive testing – Characteristics and certification of ultrasonic testing equipment – Part 1: Instruments”

Instrument Advantage

– Modular design, maintenance is simple and quick, any module replacement, only software settings can be used.

– The instrument core chip and power amplifier device have high integration degree, and the operation speed is faster, the detection efficiency is high, the power consumption is small, and the stability is better than the old type plug-in plate instrument.

– The instrument connection line only needs the network cable, the power line and the probe line, and is concise and beautiful.


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